Achieve business goals through scalable individualization of learning.

Count on orchestration engineering to understand the context of each individual and deliver the right dose of knowledge in an automated and personalized way.

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The power of orchestration in your learning programs.
Neither an LMS nor an LXP.

Engineering of orchestration of knowledge.

Our technology understands the profile of each user and their interactions with the world. 

Aggregate data from different platforms, reacting to information that reflects the reality of employees and individualizing knowledge in an automated way.

The greater the context of the user, the greater his power of orchestrating knowledge and the more refined is the personalization of learning.

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Customized recipes

Reach the highest level of personalization in content delivery through our audience segmentations combined with the rules that make sense for your business.

Data aggregator

Aggregate data from any platform, understand business and user contexts and increase your individualization power.

Content aggregator

Gather and centralize knowledge by aggregating different sources of content, in any format.

Adaptive learning

The more integrations you make with Skore, the more it will be able to understand each user, delivering content suitable for the individual and adapted to their reality, without you having to create extensive delivery rules.

Reactivity system

Based on data aggregated by internal and external channels, Skore reacts to the stimuli received and delivers even more assertive content to each employee.

Experience channels 

Through our APIs, we can connect with any external channel, allowing us to test the most suitable channel for your audience.

Omnichannel, omnicontent and

Support for all content formats.
Web, mobile and chatbot interfaces.
Multi-experience platform.
Data aggregators by API.
Integration with external platforms.

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Incredible companies trust us.

Our technology allows Skore to be used by companies of different types, sizes and markets, maintaining the scalability of individualization to meet any need.

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