Total freedom to create any learning experience.

Rely on the power of a modular platform to create, test, optimize and put into practice your ideal corporate education program.


Everything you need in just one platform.

Have all the resources necessary to ensure that the right knowledge reaches the right person at the time he/she really needs it.
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The real omnichannel.

Rely on the only truly omnichannel platform and reach your audience wherever they are, regardless of the channel.

Built for experimentation.

Combine (and recombine) different channels, content and strategies, and find the ideal learning experience for each team. 

Customize teaching. Individualize learning.

Make learning customization scalable by personalizing content recommendations based on data and performance. 

One platform, all the experiences.

Bring all learning programs together on a single platform, regardless of the audience, content or experiences. 

Open, integrated and unlimited. 

Add different data, connect with different platforms and expand the possibilities of your learning experiences.

Continuous learning improvement. 

Get the measuring tools you need to track performance, understand impact and continually improve training programs.

Omnichannel, omnicontent and omniexperience.

Support for all content formats.

Web, mobile and chatbot interfaces.

Multi-experience platform.

Integration with external platforms.

Open API

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Incredible companies trust us

Our modular structure allows for Skore to be used by companies of different types, sizes and markets, while keeping the flexibility to meet any need.