Use Case: Liquid Knowledge

Collect, centralize and organize all the knowledge of your company.

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Do not let knowledge get lost

Collect and organize shared contents on your company's formal and informal channels automatically (Slack, Facebook Workplace, Google Drive and more).

Synchronize tools already in use across your organization and centralize all content formats (links, videos, documents, spreadsheets and others) on a single platform.

Give your team freedom, while maintaining security

Your team learns a lot in day to day, but if there is no easy way to store it, all this knowledge is quickly lost or forgotten.

Allow teams to have the freedom to build their repositories of knowledge and facilitate the capture and organization processes so it becomes an habit, not a problem.

Access any material in seconds and recommend content based on the interest and behavior of each user.

Discover insights you never imagined

Our powerful Analytics is the right tool to generate insights and help you build your business strategies. Ally the Analytics to our Missions, Flows and Boosts and get incredible results.

Your company has several experts with diverse knowledge and interests. Count on our Analytics to know who are the biggest contributors to each subject. You will discover talents that you would not imagine.

Track the users' interaction with each of the shared content and understand where the biggest doubts are, in real time. Use our Flow to deliver value to the right person.