Use Case: Employee Onboarding

Turn your onboarding into a simple, fast and efficient process.

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Accelerate the learning curve of your onboarding

Have all the knowledge your employees need to start their new positions in one place and reduce time of employee onboarding.

Build a personalized learning path to each team needs and have an effective onboarding process for all areas.

Track employee performance, know the users engagement, optimize the strategies based on assertive data.

Less operation, more results

Gather knowledge of all areas of your business in one place and use any content format to create your onboarding program.

Create a learning trail in seconds, combining any type of content and keep the knowledge updated simply and automatically.

Put aside the operational part of onboarding training and focus on what really matters: the development of new professionals.

Increase engagement of new employees

Count on a collaborative and interactive learning environment that fits to the learning profile of each employee.

Deliver all content formats on any channel and offer personalized recommendations based on user behavior and your business needs.