Skore x Other Solutions

Every solution has its advantages and disadvantages compared to others on the market. The question is which one solves your education problem. See a comparison between Skore and other solutions and understand what makes sense for your need.

Learning Experience Platform

Interfaces limited to web and mobile.

Standardized structure for all customers.

Predictive and standard learning experiences.

All teams have the same learning experience.  

Support for limited content formats.

Basic data structure.


Delivery of content on any available channel.

Allows the creation of any learning experience.

Automated and personalized experiences for each individual.

Multi-experience platform with personalized environments for each individual.

Supports all content formats, including SCORM.

All kinds of interaction data

Learning Management System

Interfaces limited to the web.

Knowledge transmitted exclusively through courses.  

The publication and maintenance of learning programs is inflexible and limited. 

Outdated content formats, with low engagement.

It lacks the capacity to deal with unstructured knowledge and does not have a collaborative interface.


Delivery of content on any available channel.

Allows the creation of any educational experience, whether they are courses or not. 

Simplified and automated creation and maintenance of learning programs.

Supports all content formats.

Support for unstructured knowledge and construction of collaborative knowledge.

Social Networks

Knowledge is shared, but it ends up being forgotten and lost.

The content ends up getting disorganized and difficult to access.

It does not offer metrics for content consumption.


Features recommendation and knowledge discovery resources.

The contents are enriched, organized and indexed for searching, making access simple and in a few clicks. 

It has metrics related to content consumption and engagement.

Content repository

Supports fewformats (sharable documents)

The contents are left in folders, creating a large cemetery of knowledge. 

There is no progress structure and users do not know what content they should consume.

It does not offer consumption metrics.


Supports any content format and has extensive sharing capabilities.

It has resources for personalized recommendation and discovery of new knowledge.

Structured content organization, which allows a better experience for users.

It has metrics related to content consumption and engagement.

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