All the infrastructure you
need in a single solution.

Skore allows you to integrate with your company's systems and platforms, has intelligence in recommending content for hyper personalized delivery, brings multiple experiences and the flexibility to adapt your learning initiative to any scenario.

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Product pillars.

Adapted to contexts.

The world can be complex and constantly changing.

But we give you the ideal tool for the new era of learning: understand the contexts of each user in real time through API integrations and deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time, enabling people to acquire knowledge necessary to succeed no matter how much the world changes.

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Knowledge without borders.

Skore has several of its own channels of delivery of knowledge, such as our web interface, mobile and chatbot. But we go beyond expectations. Through our APIs, we can connect with any external channel, allowing you to test the most suitable channel for your audience.

Count on the only truly omnichannel platform and deliver individual knowledge.

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Flexibility for your choices.

Choose the data you want to aggregate, from performance tools to content platforms, the platforms you want to connect to and all the native Skore functionality you want to use.

Our technology is able to create a perfect harmony of your choices so that you achieve the desired result. Count on the power of a flexible platform to combine (and recombine) different channels, content and strategies and create ideal learning experiences for each individual.

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Intelligence and continuous improvement of learning.

Skore learns about users through aggregated external data and the analysis of user interactions with our platform, delivering knowledge in an increasingly assertive manner.

In addition, with our powerful reports, you will have at hand the metrics needed to track performance, and understand the real impact of your initiatives and continually improve training programs.

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Find out how we can help you put your ideal learning and training program into practice.

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