Collaborative knowledge

The best of both worlds: structured and organic knowledge on one single platform.

Organize, distribute and measure all content.

Employee knowledge is one of the biggest assets of a company, but managing it should not be a challenge. 

With Skore you can collect and centralize all content shared daily across your organization, whether on formal or informal platforms, and stimulate the development of a learning culture.

Our benefits

Explore all the possibilities that Skore has to offer.

All contents

Support for any type of content, regardless the of format.

Content Collection

Collect shared content on formal or informal platforms.


Deliver the right content to the right people through personalized recommendations.

Collaboration and autonomy for learning.

Encourage engagement through social interactions (comments, likes and favorites).

Build custom environments for content access.

Find the experts on every subject within your company.

Identify key knowledge demands and develop structured learning programs.

Tenha acesso a métricas de consumo e engajamento dos conteúdos e usuários.

Monitor access and engagement metrics for content and users.

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