Chatbot for training

Individualize learning in a scalable, automated and interactive way.

Take learning anywhere.

Ensuring a consistent level of development for distributed or external teams should not be a challenge.

Centralize the learning process in a conversational and interactive interface, delivering individualized and relevant knowledge to each user. Build custom flows according to individual employee performance and optimize communication between different organizational levels.

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All contents

Support for all content formats (including individual metric reports).

On demand

Meet your employees' knowledge demands through automated responses.


Work with individual gaps by linking content delivery to employee performance.

Communicate, develop and generate real results.

Chatbot web, mobile and external applications (facebook, telegram, slack and others).

Integration with performance tracking tools.

Combine your KPIs with learning strategies to ensure scalable personalized training.

Build an instant feedback channel through surveys.

Support for internal communication campaigns.

Reduce the distance between management, leaders, and your remote teams.

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